Carfax Private Tutors is committed to providing the highest standard of private tuition in all academic subjects and languages, to pupils of all ages. All tuition undertaken by Carfax tutors is bespoke, meaning that lessons are of the maximum efficiency as pupils undertake work that is wholly relevant to them at all times.

Carfax will work together with tutees to create effective academic plans which look to recognize both strengths and weaknesses, with a view to further academic success. Carfax will then oversee pupils’ progress throughout the entire scheme of work, providing feedback regularly.

Each course at Carfax is tailored to an individual’s abilities and character, ensuring that supplementary study is specific and targeted.

Through the wider Carfax Education group, Carfax Private Tutors is also able to offer guidance for the selection, preparation and application to the most prestigious schools and universities in the UK, the US and Switzerland.

For pupils planning on entering a local school within the United Arab Emirates, Carfax Private Tutors can provide consulting advice on the provision of education available, as well as academic support to ensure pupils are of the required standard to enter these institutions and flourish.

Carfax Private Tutors is based in the Kempinski Badamdar Business Centre, Mikayil Mushfig Street 1c, in Baku.

Carfax Private Tutors is part of the wider Carfax Education Group, offering a wide range of high quality educational services worldwide.

Carfax originated in 1997, when the founder of the company, Alexander Nikitich, advised his friend on a successful application to Oxford University.

By 2005, demand for his advice from friends and acquaintances grew so much that he decided to turn his occupation into a business and established an educational consultancy in Berkeley Square. Having operated for most of its existence from offices in Mayfair and St. James’ in Central London, the company has expanded significantly in recent years.

With a permanent presence in London, Oxford, Monaco, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, and Baku, and new offices scheduled to open in Hong Kong, Geneva, and Singapore in the near future, Carfax is well established as a leader in the field of private and international education.

In addition to the geographic expansion, the original educational consultancy for private clients has branched out into other services. In 2006, a guardianship agency was formed to look after overseas pupils at British boarding schools. In 2008, an independent fifth- and sixth-form tutorial college was established in Oxford. In 2009, a tutoring agency was launched in London. In 2011, an educational consultancy for institutions, investors, governments, and international agencies was created.

At the heart of the City of Oxford, the four roads leading from the old city gates form an ancient crossroads. This gave birth to the name ‘Carfax’, derived from the Latin quadric-furcus, literally ‘four-forked junction’. Given the role which Carfax undertakes, providing guidance to those facing difficult choices at ‘crossroads’ in their lives, this was adopted as the title of the company.

In 1610, a fountain was placed in Carfax, sourced by the Carfax Conduit, which channelled freshwater to the citizens of Oxford from its source in the surrounding hills. This fountain has been chosen as the company’s symbol, as it embodies all its values; the Carfax Tutorial establishment in Oxford, situated close to this ancient site, stands as a fountain of knowledge, with its source in one of most eminent academic foundations in the world.

The Carfax Group work with clients from all over the world to assist them in accessing the finest educational opportunities available. This is facilitated by the outstanding academic records of the Carfax team, many of whom have been educated at the universities of Oxford or Cambridge.

Bringing together a wealth of personal experience in terms of educational achievement and an extensive understanding of the British, American and Swiss education systems, Carfax are ideally placed to support all clients in achieving their goals.

Carfax staff work to develop a unique and personalised academic path, incorporating all support necessary to assist pupils as they progress through their schooling. Following an in-depth academic assessment and consultation, Carfax can provide candid, appropriate and targeted recommendations in a wide range of academic contexts, including the possibility of long-term tuition at Carfax Education Monaco or the Tutorial Establishment in Oxford. Tuition can also, on request, be provided for pupils anywhere in the world, ensuring that they fulfil their academic potential.

Whether they seek to enter a leading public school, enrol in a prestigious Swiss boarding school, gain admittance to Oxford, Cambridge or secure a place in a leading American university, Carfax can maximise the chances of applicants’ success.

Carfax boasts a global network of offices staffed by highly qualified, international, multilingual teams.

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